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DEC. 7,8,14,15 (Sat. & Sun. 2 x Weekends) 9:30-3:30

DEC. 27,28,29,30 (XMAS BREAK) (F.S.S.M.) 9:30-3:30

JAN. 2,3,4,5 (XMAS BREAK) (T.F.S.S.) 9:30-3:30

JAN. 11,12,18,19 (Sat. & Sun. 2 x Weekends) 9:30-3:30

JAN. 30,31, Feb.1,2 (SEMESTER BREAK) (T.F.S.S.) 9:30-3:30

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About Us - Milton

DriveWise Centre Director and Owner, Marco Claveau started his career in Driver Education in 2003 as a Driving Examiner with the Ministry of Transportation for Ontario. Four years ago an opportunity presented itself with the Milton DriveWise Training Centre and Marco immediately acted on that opportunity.

During his career as a Driving Examiner with the Ministry, Marco recognized the importance for better educated and trained drivers. Upon investigating the DriveWise organizational structure he quickly determined this was not a typical driver training business. The difference being that DriveWise Corporation had an exclusive product that offered a level of training no one else could provide with the Virtual Reality Simulation machines. This enabled Marco to offer the standard approved curriculum as well as provide more advance levels for driving practice that would teach drivers to recognize and respond to potential driving hazards, all while in a safe environment!

Not to be mistaken for a “life size game”, the SIM machine and its hundreds of software program scenarios, the SIM has been designed to hone the reflex skills that can and does save lives of many novice drivers everyday!

Ask yourself, would you rather, your new driver find out what it is like, when a child runs out into the road directly in their path or when the tire blows while traveling at 100km/hr? Events will always happen and sometimes they may be beyond our control but you can have the advantage of learning to control your vehicle before the damage is done.

DriveWise Centres are equipped with SIMs to ensure all their drivers are prepared in advance for the realities of the road! That is why at DriveWise we believe better drivers are not born, they are built!

Marco is proud of his team and the fact they are able to produce better drivers through his programs. He personally is involved to ensure the programs deliver more than the typical other driving schools. The people who complete the DriveWise Training Programs become a better quality and more confident driver and that means contributing to the improved safety on our roads now and in the years to come.

Most recently, Marco decided by popular request, that there was a present need to expand his services to the Mississauga/ Vaughn area. Construction is already underway with plans to hold the first classes, in the new location, over the Christmas holidays this year 2010.

Community support is a huge part of the success Marco and his team have achieved. In addition to driving home the message for safety behind the wheel and the increased need for professional driver training, Marco knew giving back to the community he operates his business in, was just as important to the level of success he has achieved, Marco continues to be very grateful to have the opportunity to give back, when he can.

In order to keep up with the responsibility to community and ensuring his Centres were operating effectively and efficiently, it was time to bring on a new team member to manage such important tasks as sponsorships, special events and ensure positive representation was being maintained. That is when Shelley Harmer, was brought on as the marketing director to specifically focus ways to reach the masses with the DriveWise, all important messages. It is not possible to give to every group that asks, so Shelley has designed an application process to ensure DriveWise will continue to do their part for the people in the greater areas of Milton and Mississauga in balance with the success of the business.

Stay tuned for more information as DriveWise continues to grow and build better drivers in your community!