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Corporate Driving Program Drivewise can help you with your corporate driving program, an essential element of your fleet management system. Your personnel will not only get the theory behind advance defensive driving techniques they will be able to put it into practice in our simulators. Retaining what they learn will translate into safer and less costly drivers behind the wheel of your corporate vehicles. DriveWise Corporate Program Video!

Advanced Driver Improvement Our Advanced Driver Improvement Programs increase your skills to handle everyday, adverse weather and emergency driving conditions. We emphasize building your skills for predictive driving. Unlike skid schools that focus on maintaining control of a vehicle in emergency conditions we emphasize positive driving skills to avoid most emergency situations. A component of our program does provide the skills for vehicle control in emergency situations should an unfortunate situation arise.

ADIP programs are four hours in duration. It combines in-class, computer based instruction and state of the art virtual reality simulation training. Our programs are customized to your driving environment. Programs are based on highly recognized National Safety Council programs interspersed with our simulator labs and defensive driving principles. The simulator labs host exercises in a variety of traffic, environmental (snow, rain, fog, ice) and driving environments (highway, freeway, city, rural, urban, off road). Our exercises are designed to reinforce learning objectives of the theoretical content. Our programs enjoy a 100% client recommendation rating. We train at your facility or ours.

Our ADIP programs are available for Fire, Police, EMS, Commercial trucking, Municipal fleets, commercial fleet and private vehicle operators.

Please contact us to discuss and create your corporate training plan.

Another area that is becoming of utmost importance to Corporations with fleet vehicles is Fuel Economy!

Here is announcement that was made November 19, 2010 that maybe of interested and definitely huge value to your bottom lines!

Fuel Economy Module DriveWise was proud to work with Natural Resources Canada for their Fuel Efficiency Program by developing a reporting system that measures, monitors, records and reports a driverís habits based on their fuel efficiency. Using Natural Resource Canadaís five eco-tips and the DriveWise Six Star Approach, we are able to measure acceleration, braking, speed, following distance and fuel economy in order to compare it to a benchmark either set by the user or by a previous score.

Each scenario can be built and customized to specific training goals and marking criteria to ensure accurate results. The percentage required for a pass can be set by the user, policy or based on a standard provided by DriveWise. Each infraction is recorded and reported on both the replay and in the reporting system. The module graphs the participant in real-time so the instructor, evaluator or other class members can immediately see how the driver is doing. Results can be charted in Liters or Gallons and speeds can be tracked in Miles per hour of Kilometers per hour. The graph also displays their total amount of fuel consumed, percentage compared to the most ideal fuel consumption and rate of fuel being consumed (in miles per gallon or liters per 100 kilometers).

Lesson plans can be built using pre-existing scenarios or by creating risk-specific events to test a participant. Previous results are all recorded in order to evaluate multiple participants, preserve top results or to display a sample range of scores.

Criteria may include seatbelt fastening, speed management, space management, intersection driving, proper use of horn, entering/exiting school zones and pressure used on the gas and brake.

Each report can be exported in a variety of formats for use in programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Reader (PDF).