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The DriveSim is a revolutionary Driving Simulator designed to reinforce important driving techniques to drivers of all ages.

With 180 degree view and high definition screens, the DriveSim Simulator uses the latest in digital hardware and software technology to create real-world training scenarios to introduce and/or improve driving behaviours and enhance skill sets in a risk-free environment.

The sharp visuals and crisp imagery can enhance the key learning objectives while the real-time feedback in the seat and wheel improve muscle memory in situations, such as blown tires or icy roads.

Click below to view our video gallery of the Driving Simulator in action!


Reduce Risk, Decrease Costs, Increase Safety.

DriveWise instructional designers and engineers have worked with industry professionals in developing hardware and software to build muscle memory and improve driving habits. Using the simulator, drivers can improve their skills in the following areas:

  • Pre-trip inspection and circle check
  • Eye movement, proper scanning and intersection management
  • Eye lead time and point-of-no-return
  • Being proactive
  • Being predictable
  • Proper space management
  • Fuel economy
  • These, and others, are some of the key learning objectives you can gain by using the DriveSim for your training programs.