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Are you hard on your gas or brake? Are you losing money on fuel or want to reduce your impact on the environment? Improve your driving habits and your fuel economy with the new EcoDriving Program, developed by DriveWise and used by Natural Resources Canada!

This program allows you to measure your rate of consumption, lets you compare your driving to the most eco-friendly drivers, shows you how to save money and the environment while getting real-time instructor feedback on improving your safety, fuel efficiency and driving techniques.

This program teaches 5 key driving tips to help make you a better, greener driver!

Here are five ways to keep your fuel consumption (and fuel costs) down:

  1. Accelerate and brake smoothly. Abrupt starting and stopping wastes fuel, so accelerate gently and coast as much as possible before braking.
  2. Keep a steady speed. Having a constantly fluctuating speed increases your fuel consumption.
  3. Anticipate traffic. Look ahead and keep a safe following distance so you can anticipate what traffic is going to do and adjust your driving accordingly.
  4. Coast to decelerate. This is key in heavy traffic. Keep anticipating what is happening ahead and let yourself coast instead of exhaustively using the gas and brake.
  5. Avoid high speeds. Driving above the speed limit wastes fuel and money.

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