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Municipal and Snowplow Driving Training Programs

Designed for municipalities big and small, the DriveWise Municipal Driver Training Programs are well suited for snow plow operators, garbage truck operators, bus drivers, dump truck drivers, municipal works officials, and others who drive as part of their daily job duties.

Driver Training Highlights Include:

Real Situations, Simulated Environments
DriveWise has worked with municipalities to develop scenarios based on real-life events that educate the learner on how hazardous situations can be prevented and avoided. Participants can practice safe and effective driving techniques in varying adverse conditions and driving settings. The simulator offers a dynamic 3D environment that can replicate day, dusk, dawn and night time.

Multiple Vehicles
Train and practice on a wide assortment of vehicles that replicate the look and feel of that particular vehicle. A real-time dynamic dashboard and side mirrors change depending on the vehicle you are driving. These vehicles include garbage truck, pickup truck (with or without trailer), utility truck, snowplow, bus (school, coach and transit) and all emergency services vehicles.

Mobile Training
Training can take place at one of our many locations, or yours. DriveWise has a fully-equipped mobile training unit that houses a simulator and classroom for training at any location. This allows participants to receive training while on duty.

Interactive Lectures
Students receive a blend of in-class instruction that involves video presentations, lectures, group discussions and the interactive Classroom Performance System (CPS). The CPS records test results and monitors student progress throughout the course. The information can easily be exported and used to evaluate participant success.

Custom Courseware
Whether you need to improve fuel economy, reduce vehicle collisions or improve driver efficiency, DriveWise has a program for you. Using our experienced and knowledgeable instructional design team, we can conceptualize, build and deploy an effective, high-quality training program that complements your existing in-house courseware and can include your own risk-mitigation data.



Reduce Risk, Decrease Costs, Increase Safety. DriveWise instructional designer have worked with industry professionals in developing courseware specific to municipal operators, garbage truck, dump truck operators and snowplow officials. Courseware can be customized based on your training objectives. Our integrated approach to learning can involve simulation, online learning, in-class discussions and in-vehicle training. Some key learning objectives include:

  • Pre-trip inspection and circle check
  • Eye movement, proper scanning and intersection management
  • Eye lead time and point-of-no-return
  • Being proactive
  • Being predictable
  • Proper space management
  • Fuel economy

These, and others, are some of the key learning objectives for a DriveWise Police Program. By using the DriveWise 6 Star Approach tm to learning, students learn the core fundamentals in making good drivers great.