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Itís true; youíve been driving for years and in all likelihood you have never had a collision. But as part of the natural process of aging, individuals begin to see changes in their hearing, vision and reaction time. Because these changes occur over time, it can be difficult to recognize how they affect personal driving abilities. A driver training program can assist seniors in compensating for these impairments. DriveWise senior programs are designed to minimize stress caused by driving. Participants have the option of training in a simulated environment, allowing driving errors to be corrected in a safe, comfortable and supportive atmosphere.

Why DriveWise?
> Simulated learning: Participants can correct improper driving habits in the safety of a user-friendly simulated environment.
> Supportive learning environment: DriveWise instructors are industry experts. Not only are they adept at educating participants on safe driving practices, they do so in a supportive, respectful and participatory manner.
> Cost-effective: As Canadaís leading driver training centre, DriveWise is committed to delivering quality training at affordable prices. Depending on the program selected DriveWise offers payment plans. Call your local centre for more details.

Programs designed with seniors in mind:
> Safety-check seminar: A refresher course that can occur in a real-world or simulated environment, depending on participant needs.
> Test ready: A total of four lessons to be divided up based on needs.
> Seniors Seminar: DriveWise offers information sessions specifically designed to assist seniors who are required to renew their licence. Contact the DriveWise Barrie centre for more information.