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> State-of-the-art virtual reality simulation: Build confidence and familiarize yourself with the rules of the road in a state-of-the-art driving simulator. Make driving errors in the safety and security of a simulated learning environment.

> Interactive lectures: Using the Classroom Performance System (CPS,) instructors are able to monitor student progress in real-time and mentor students along the way. The CPS also engages students throughout the entire learning process, maximizing information retention.

> One-on-one in-car sessions: Students receive hands-on, individualized attention; They are never placed in a car with other students.

> MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider: The SafeStart™ program is an approved beginner driver education course in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

> Recognized by the insurance industry: As a certified beginner driver education program, BDE Graduates with a Driver's Licence History may provide proof of successful completion which is widely recognized by the insurance industry.